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Welcome!  Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out River City Christian Community.  We are a network of simple churches in the Wichita, KS area striving to connect people to God and to make a difference in our neighborhood.

God is up to something in Wichita.  In a lot of ways we are still discovering what that is.  But for several years we have sensed God leading his church to more intimate, mission oriented, simple, Spirit led communities.  As we have moved deeper into rhythyms of following Jesus, we are seeing a growing vision of small churches sent out to make a difference in the neighborhoods we live in, the places we work, and the places we hang out.  We feel like God is calling us to form a church community doing life together as we follow him.  We don't see ourselves as having found the perfect way of doing church, but we do acknowledge that this probably looks and feels different from the average person's experience of church. 

The River City Community is committed to this rule of life:  Trust God & Live on Mission Together.

Please contact us with your questions or better yet let's get together over coffee and share stories.  To learn more about our community you can click the links below.   

What We are About

Who We Are

We look forward to meeting you, 

River City Leaders