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River City Christian Community is a network of small churches around the downtown area of Wichita, Kansas.  River City started as a dream of the RiverWalk Church of Christ because of their heart for their neighbors in the Delano neighborhood.  Deciding to launch a new church planting project, Riverwalk partnered with Mission Alive, an organization that helps facilitate church planting.  After much prayer and discernment, Micah & Amy Lewis and Kyle & Kristen Mott relocated to Wichita and were commissioned to start the new church in 2011.


Since then we have broadened our perspective to include all the neighborhoods in and around downtown Wichita and are focused on planting small, networked churches throughout the area.  Our hope is that many simple, inexpensive, mission oriented churches will spring up all over the city.  Our intention is to connect with people who are not yet part of existing churches.  Our plan is to start churches that are deeply connected in their neighborhoods and really making a difference in people’s lives.  Above all, we hope to honor God and follow Jesus by trusting Him and living on mission together.


Our Rule of Life:

Trust God


Live on Mission